Becoming a fly fisherman. Mountain Princess

Mountain Princess


If I were to be a Princess

I would reign among the mountains.

Keep the jeweled tiara,

Weave a coronet of daisies.

Give me wading boots and sandals

Not soft slippers made of satin.

Let me climb among the boulders,

Dip my fly into the water,

Catch a nice fat trout for dinner.

Serenade me with loonsong.


If I were to be a Princess

I would live along the river;

Raise my eyes to Heaven,

Count a thousand stars.

Slide on snowy hills in winter,

Then curl up by the fire.

I need no Prince

Nor armored knight

But a kind, sturdy woodsman


If I were to be a Princess…

I am.

Genie Jennings

About Genie Jennings

My identity was stolen. We define ourselves by what we do, and on the worst day of my life, I lost everything. In October 1986, the meningioma that was growing within my spinal column was finally diagnosed and removed. Before that, despite the movements that were increasingly disappearing from my repertoire, I had been a gym rat. Earlier in life, I had worked as a physical therapy aide, so I knew a lot about exercise and recovery.  I could not wait for Monday when my own pt would start.